IDEA StatiCa Global User Day 2021

The very first year of the online conference IDEA StatiCa Global User Day 2021 is over. This successful virtual event was met with a great response. So let’s look back and remind the highlights of the event together in the following article.

There is no doubt that the current Covid era brings with it all sorts of constraints. In particular, traveling and gathering at mass events has been a major challenge over the past few months.

In order to give our software users, engineers, and statics consultants some way to meet and share the latest information, we decided to hold a virtual IDEA StatiCa Global User Day conference.

The IDEA StatiCa Global User Day 2021 was the first virtual conference organized in this format for so wide public audience. In total, more than a thousand users joined. To ensure the best possible interaction with all participants, we decided to involve them in the conference and allow them to ask questions directly to the guests in the studio via chat and online voting.

All of them had the opportunity to actively participate in the content with their questions and by sharing their experiences in a thematic poll.

The IDEA StatiCa Global User Day met with a very positive response and many users contacted us to share the content. For those who were unable to follow the IDEA StatiCa Global User Day conference online, but also for users who would like to return to the content, we have prepared a summary of our conference in the following article.


How did the IDEA StatiCa Global User Day conference go? 

The conference was divided into four themed sessions. The audience could learn about the latest trends in structural engineering for Steel and Concrete, hear about our customers‘ experiences with IDEA StatiCa solutions, find out where IDEA StatiCa is heading, and last but not least, find out who were the winners of the IDEA StatiCa Excellence Awards.

So let’s take a look and remind the content of the sessions.

First session:

The first session was focused on introducing the new features of the latest version of IDEA StatiCa. Colleagues Martin Rolny, Operations Director, together with Vojtech Chalupa, Petra Komarkova, and Theodore Tsirozidis, Director of IDEA StatiCa UK, presented how these features speed up and facilitate the work of civil engineers in the steel and concrete areas.

Second session:

In the second block, we had the opportunity to meet some of our customers. They presented their work and told the audience what projects IDEA StatiCa helped them with.

We had the opportunity to see the projects of designers from Swanton Consulting, presented by Viktor Chatzinikolis and Zoltan Kolumban, who shared with us details about interesting projects in central London. We had a chance to meet also Vojtech Skrob from Hitachi Energy, who told us about the role of IDEA StatiCa in projects related to energy distribution.

Third session:

In the third session, we presented to the audience where IDEA StatiCa is heading and what trends we will follow in its development.

The studio guests beside Adam Kozousek and Lukas Bobek were also Lubomir Sabatka, founder and director of IDEA StatiCa, and Martin Jansa, director of development, who together revealed the future directions of design and assessment in the coming years and what features developers will need to focus on.

Fourth session:

The fourth session was dedicated to the announcement of the winners of the IDEA StatiCa Excellence Awards, which attracted more than a hundred projects from all over the world.

Our jury had a really difficult job, which was confirmed by Prof. František Wald, a member of the expert jury that selected the best projects and who was the guest of honor in our studio.

In the following video, you can see all the winning projects and find out what the designers themselves have to say about them.

To learn more about the best projects of the IDEA StatiCa Excellence Awards 2021, you can read the article dedicated to the winners.

We hope you enjoyed IDEA StatiCa Global User Day and we look forward to seeing you at our next online event!