IDEA StatiCa Excellence Awards 2021

Winners of the IDEA StatiCa Excellence Awards 2021

November 25, 2021

The very first year of the IDEA StatiCa Excellence Awards has finished and we are happy to announce the winning projects. It was a real challenge to choose only a few projects because most submitted projects were on a very high professional level. Let’s take a look closer and introduce winners of the IDEA StatiCa Excellence awards crystal trophies.

Finally, since the IDEA StatiCa Excellence Awards started, more than one hundred structural engineers decided to join the contest with their projects. 

Members of our jury definitely didn’t have an easy task assessing all the projects, but finally, they selected the winners.

But before we introduce the winners, let us sum up some interesting details about the IDEA StatiCa Excellence Awards. 

The user contest started in August and finished on November 24.

  • There were 117 submitted projects in total 
  • 87 of them had been approved 
  • 17 of them were short-listed by the internal technical jury team
  • 7 winners were carefully selected in the two-rounds professional jury voting

So let’s have a look who those winners are:

Winner in the category of Small scale structures

Project: Steel-to-timber connection, Maryland, USA

Authors: Trevor Chou & Martyn Sheard

Company: Craft Engineering Studio

This new residence is located in Martha’s Vineyard, MA, USA. The site is within a high wind region and the building sits on a steep bluff overlooking the ocean, placing significant challenges on the design of the lateral load resisting system.

The resulting steel node joint is designed to resist forces and moments in the two orthogonal axes. A central hollow section hub was proposed but was found to be unable to resist the high moments from the moment frame girder due to insufficient out-of-plane stiffness in the box section walls as well as being prone to flexural failure. The steel joint was redesigned with a wide flange section to maintain continuity in both axes whilst ensuring a direct transmission of forces and moments to the center of the hub.

Winners in the category of Large scale buildings

Project: Steel Dome structure, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Authors: Alexander van Beelen

Company: ASK Romein

For the great renovation project EDGE Amsterdam of no less than 60,000 square meters, the spectacular glass dome in a huge steel support structure was designed and installed. The glass dome has a diameter of 76 meters and is the beating heart of this major project. In the original office building from 1970, the interior space was not used, but thanks to the glass roof construction it now forms a lively meeting place with high-quality workplaces and lots of daylight.

Project: Kralovopolska building, Brno, Czech Republic

Authors: Tomas Krivka

Company: STATIKON Solutions s.r.o.


The building is designed to be a hotel with underground parking and a commercial part on the ground floor. Load-bearing parts of the structure are completely from the concrete. It includes 12 ground floors and 3 underground floors. From a structural point of view, it is a both-direction wall load-bearing system. In the underground part and also in the commercial part the LB system is more skeleton system consisting mainly of columns that locally support the ceiling slab. The underground part of the structure is designed to be waterproof as a “white tank“. The whole structure is supported by long drilled piles in combination with a relatively thick foundation slab which is designed to carry inner forces caused by interaction with subsoil after settling of piles.

Winners in the category of Infrastructure, industrial & recreational structures

The Curragh Racecourse, Kildare, Ireland

Authors: Mirivano Carrig & Stephen McKenna

Company: Kiernan Structural Steel Ltd.

The Curragh is an internationally recognized horse racing venue situated in Ireland which has won numerous awards both in Ireland and indeed internationally. The latest awards with which this grandstand has won include the Tekla Global BIM Awards as well as the Structural Steel Design Awards to name but a few.

KSSL were involved in the project to design the steel connections and erect various ancillary buildings including the new center-piece spectator grandstand which comprises of a cantilevered structure on three elevations of the roof.

Project: Prestressed concrete bridge, Czech Republic

Author: Jan Lamparsky

Company: AFRY CZ s.r.o.

The bridge is located at the second most important crossroad of the city ring road section. It is a single-span bridge structure with a span of 43.5 m made of post-tensioned prestressed concrete. The width of the bridge varies from 78.3 m in the middle to 89.6 m at the end of the bridge. The total area of the bridge is 3800 m2.

During the design, it was determined whether this structure can be realized as a frame bridge. This type of construction was very economically inefficient and technically demanding. It was necessary to anchor the substructure, use connectors to bind reinforcement in the corners, prestress the retaining walls and frame corners, etc. Through successive calculations, we came to the final variant of the semi-integral bridge on deck foundations.

Winner in the category of Prize of the public

Project: Equipment steel support at switchyard, Stiegler’s Gorge, Tanzania

Author: Yasmin Hamdy


Julius Nyerere Hydropower station is located on the Rufiji river the largest river in Tanzania. The cost of the project is 3 billion USD. The project is consisting of RCC gravity dam, powerhouse, and switchyard. The works will be completed within a period of 36 months with a maximum mobilization period of 3 months. The powerhouse will be completed in April 2022 and the unit is expected to generate electricity on April 15, 2022. After the project completion, it will provide 61.3 GWH electricity per year greatly promoting the industrialization of Tanzania.

In this huge project, the IDEA StatiCa program was used to make a design for all existing steel connections located at the powerhouse and switchyard area.

Winner in the category of The best student project

Project: Tainter gate for the water supply system, Moquegua, Peru

Author: Fernando Gonzales

University: National University of San Agustin

This tainter gate was made for the water supply system of a mining company in Moquegua- Peru.

Big congratulations to all the winners and thank you to everyone who submitted their projects!